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Why do I do what I do ?

As a mother of two, I value every moment with my family.

Providing my clients with the opportunity to document their memories of their children is what motivates me as a professional photographer.


My family is undoubtedly my greatest source of inspiration, and I consider my beautiful children Lipe and Luna to be my biggest achievement. My husband Leandro is my safe haven and my biggest supporter. He left his previous company to share my photography dream, he then became my business partner and today he manages my career. We love to travel with our children and build memories together.

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I have a degree in photography from the UNIVALI (University of Vale do Itajaí), where I built the foundations of my knowledge.

While I was at college, I trained in newborn photography with renowned photographers from the United States, Canada and Australia.

The first time I experienced newborn photography was in 2008, when I tried to photograph my baby son, but I started working professionally in 2010. In 2021 I passed the milestone of photographing over 1000 newborns. To this day, I still learn so much from them.
I have also been a judge in for several photography contests, where I was able to critique images by photographers from across the world.

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I have been a speaker at more than 30 photography conferences in Brazil, France, Italy, Mexico, Argentina, the United States and Belgium. Being able to teach and inspire other professionals is so rewarding; and gives me the opportunity to share my knowledge both inside and outside of the studio.

I have been a mentor since 2013, travelling the world teaching other photographers. I have delivered lectures and taught workshops in 17 countries.

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In New York, I had the honor of speaking at the "Belly, Baby and Beyond Conference" and sharing the stage with Anne Geddes, the world pioneer of newborn photography.
Her books have sold an impressive 1 million copies internationally. Being so close to an icon was a unique and exciting experience, and undoubtedly a highlight in my life.




I am the author of "Practical Guide to Newborn Photography" (iPhoto publishing house, 2015), the first Brazilian book to focus on newborn photography, and "Newborn Photography" (Publisher Ipsis, 2020). Both books have been translated into the following languages: French, Italian, English and Spanish; and were published in more than 20 countries.

My work has been featured in several websites and magazines specializing in photography. In 2019 I was on the cover of the magazine "Cyk Magazyn" in Poland, and in 2020 I was featured twice in "Newborn Magazine Italy".

I have also illustrated magazines and newspapers, including publications "Caras", "Quem Acontece" and "Diário Catarinense", with articles about the families of famous Brazilians Alexandre Nero, Jade Seba and Bruno Guedes., etc.

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My work to recommend equipment to professional photographers that I personally use and approve caught Sony’s attention and I’m now a brand ambassador. I am so proud to be the ambassador of one of the largest audiovisual companies in the world, and it makes me feel even more motivated to always offer the best service possible to my clients.

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As a Brazilian, I'm proud of my country, but the United States has won my heart. 

My american dream started in 2018, during a 45-day trip where I discovered that due to my extensive international experience as a photographer and educator i could apply for extraordinary ability visa  and In June 2020, I was approved. When I say that through my work I had the opportunity to make many dreams come true, this was certainly the biggest one.


In February 2021, I left my home country to start a new life in the United States. My main goal is to conquer new clients, make new friends, and, above all, teach my children that we should not be afraid of taking risks. I want them to know they can make anything come true by working hard towards their dreams.


"If you can dream it you can do it." Walt Disney

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I photograph all the detail and beauty of newborns, giving families memories of the most precious thing they have.
I work with the purest part of life, capturing it from the very beginning.
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