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3 Tips for a Springtime Family Photoshoot

March has arrived and springtime is officially upon us. As if by magic, and ignoring the passing over of Storm Freya, it seems we’ve turned our back on winter and are spoiled with blue skies and yellow daffodils as far as the eye can see. This is such a picturesque time of the year and one which is ideal for a family photoshoot.

If you’re considering a springtime family photoshoot, either with a professional Guildford photographer like myself, or going it alone, I have a few top tips to share. So without further ado:

Tip #1: Choose wide open spaces

If you’re attempting a family photoshoot, especially with young children, picking the right location is a must. In my experience, kids are at their happiest when they can burn off steam, so choose a setting for your family portrait where there is plenty of room to run around between takes. Don’t make the mistake of being within viewing distance of a playground though or you’ll be setting yourself up for a battle!

As a Guildford photographer, one of my favourite spots to take clients on a springtime family photoshoot is to the Whitmoor Common. The wide variety of scenery is breathtaking and allows us to tailor the shoot to your individual preferences. My availability is disappearing quickly over the coming weeks, so get in touch with me if you’d like to arrange a session.

Tip #2: Time it right

The right timing can make a world of difference to the quality of your family photoshoot. Not only should you consider the energy levels of the individuals in your party, but also what the optimal light level and direction is.

While a weekend morning session may seem like a good idea in theory, remember that public spaces will be at their busiest. Take this into account when deciding when to arrange a photoshoot, for the sake of your own sanity!

Understanding the important role that light plays in a photo is a lot less self-explanatory and while there is no harm in giving amateur photography a go, for the best quality outdoor images I would always suggest using a professional photographer.

I recommend booking your family photo session in the early evening, ideally on a Thursday or Friday. The kids have burned up all of their energy at school, the sun is at the perfect level for photography, and most locations are wonderfully free of people. Not only that, but as you’ll already be dressed up in your finery, why not make an evening of it and take the kids straight out for dinner afterward - the perfect way to end your working week!

Tip #3: Say ‘yes’ to colour

Spring isn’t the time for black or grey! Embrace the beautiful variety of colours in your environment and make the most of these when considering outfits for your session. While white is a classic option, the picture can really pop with some well-chosen hues of yellow, blue or green.

Finding the right balance of colours for a family photoshoot can often seem an overwhelming task, so if you’re struggling don’t hesitate to speak to your photographer for advice and bring along a few options to play with.

If you’d like to book a springtime family photoshoot with a Surrey Photographer, either in Guildford or the wider area, get in touch today to discuss your options.

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