My 1st Photos, A clever business created in Guildford by two friends.

When I came across the business of these ladies I was blown away with their idea. As you can imagine, as a person that loves photos, and believe that young babies can feel safe and loved by seeing pictures of them and their family around the home, I thought what they do is brilliant, a fabric baby book filled with your favourite photos and text. A baby photo album that can be dribbled on, chewed, scrunched, crawled over and most importantly, easily cleaned, and they are all created here in Guildford, Surrey.

Sarah and Nadine’s story Introduced when they were pregnant with their first babies, born in the Summer of 2016, Sarah and Nadine became close friends. When Sarah’s daughter was born 9 weeks early, she had to spend a number of weeks in Neonatal intensive care and special care. She didn’t get to meet her little girl for 4 days and then had to leave her every night at the hospital when she went home.