Watch Me Grow, Your baby's First Year Forever!

I hope you had a great Easter holiday, My family and I had a great time spending time together and creating wonderful memories, and you can probably guess my favourite way to capture memories? Yes, for me it's in images and photos, so we travel and I had a family photo session with my girls and husband :) So on our holidays, I was thinking of more ways to help other families capture their precious memories, especially for these cute newborns that I photographed. So, welcome to the 'Watch Me Grow' club. This aims to capture all the key milestones of that first year of a babies life that goes so quickly. I know first hand how that first year flies by. Before you know it your little one will be crawling, talking and walking, digging into all that makes the world such a curious place, so my goal is to capture all these not-to-be-missed moments in stunning professional portraits that will mark your baby’s growth during the first year. Watch me Grow - the first year forever- is our celebrated baby club and includes three milestone portrait sessions at 4 months, 7 months and 1 year. From first smiles and belly giggles to the effervescent curiosity that all one-year-olds shine with, get ready to create some amazing memories that will stay with you always. The first year is precious. We make sure it’s forever.
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