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The brilliant and talented woman behind Caterpillar Music Guildford

I had the pleasure to photograph this beautiful mum, and amazing business woman in Guildford. Mez Leyland has been running Caterpillar Music classes for nearly 5 years.

Her Original plan was to take a career break from her role as a paediatric physiotherapist until her younger child started school as the balance just wasn't working for her family. However, a friend told her that the local music class leader was moving and looking for someone to take over, and she thought Mez would be perfect for take the classes.

The opportunity was too good to pass up, so Mez ended up doing her first Caterpillar Music classes the same week as her older child started school and her little one started preschool!

Mez its a talented lady and her ability with the children is so amazing that soon after she took over the classes she had a waiting list for all 3 of the 3 classes.

"I've added extra classes along the way, firstly when my son got his funded preschool hours and then again when he started school. It's not easy getting the work/kids/life balance right, and it's important to recognise that the balance looks different for every family. Luckily I've been able to build a business I love while still doing most of the school runs which I really enjoy. Being self employed can be tough and it's hard to take a complete break from work even when we go on holiday."

"Fortunately each time I have started a new class it has been really well supported and my lovely class members have been wonderful at recommending me and bringing their friends along. Due to popular demand and ongoing waiting lists I'm about to add 2 new Friday classes which will take me up to 11 classes each week! I love running classes and seeing babies, toddlers and preschoolers develop new skills and confidence is amazing"

"I love seeing the grown ups make new friendships and now have people coming back with second, third and even fourth children. Some of the babies who started with me at 6 weeks old are about to start school and it's been so special to see them through that whole time, whilst still getting to spend most of the school holidays with my lovely kiddies"

So if you are local to Guildford and looking for classes for your baby and preschooler this is the class you have to take! Caterpillar music is so much fun, you can have a taste of her classes and her personality if you follow her on social media :

Aliana Bruce x

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