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My own Mother's day present for this year came early!

This year I got my mothers day present early, I got to take both of my girls to the studio and did some gorgeous photos of them.

Alicia, my oldest, is at that stage of getting visits from the tooth fairy and I was telling her for a few weeks that she looks so cute without her front teeth and that I would love to take some photos so we can remember how she looks without them,

My youngest, Lara, hears and she said she would love to have some photos done too, that was a big surprise for me as she never wants to be in the photos, probably trauma from being a photographer's daughter and having mummy always with the camera, so we went one Saturday morning and did the cutest photos ever, no need to say that I already sent them to print for me, grandparents, godparents and aunties.

I can't wait to gift them.

Some of the photos below, do you think grandparents will like the present??

Aliana xx

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