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From Lullababy Photography to Aliana Bruce Photography, a difficult decision

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In 2014 when I decided to specialise in Newborn Photography I was asked by friends and family what I was going to call my photography business? it was a dilemma so I started to write down everything I liked but all the time I went to check in google and it was already the name of another company.

At that time my daughter and I used to go to Baby classes and I learned a lot of lullabies with her, it was something new for me just as much as it was for her. As I'm from Brasil I didn't know any English songs, then my Husband suggested Lullababy, as my focus was newborns nothing more appropriate, I send the name for a marketing specialist to do my logo, I explained for him the way I work and what I do, so in a gorgeous and clever way he designed my Logo, a logo that when you look for it you can see the pattern of a heart beat, the first sound a mum hears from her baby when she goes to appointments when she is pregnant, I loved so much that logo and the story behind why I was LullaBABY photography!

Unfortunately, for many people Lullababy didn't sound right and I saw many of my friends and clients saying they love my work and they would tell everybody about Lullaby I realised that wasn't such a good name as people were getting confused.

This year we moved from Wimbledon SW19 to Guildford in Surrey, and with a new potential client base seems like the perfect opportunity to rebrand and choose a less confusing name, but I still wanted something easy for people to remember. Aliana never was a common name, in fact I was always the only Aliana wherever I went. In all my studies at school, university or MBA there was never another Aliana. So I knew it was a safe bet to use my name, so there it is, Aliana Bruce Photography is live :) I sent the idea to the same person that did the Lullababy logo, but the difference is in the last year those newborn and maternity sessions had evolved into baby and family sessions too and to see the love in each family, either expecting their little miracle, the love that the little chubby babies have for their mummies and daddies and of course I love to photograph a new family when they realised that the little person changed their lives forever, their lives will never be the same, the love experienced from them when they receive their little miracle is without words, but I can capture in images <3 So the heart within the viewfinder seemed so appropriate.

I hope to photograph you and you family soon!


Aliana Bruce

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