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Sometimes being a brother is even better than being a Superhero

When we decided to have our second child we knew that it would be the best gift we could give for our daughter, siblings have this incredible connection, I am from a family of fours kids and I just love the fact we have each other. Its not always the perfect world with flowers and smiles, we do argue and we don't agree on everything, but we are there for each other at any moment because our love is bigger than anything.

When I photograph families with siblings it always fills my heart with Joy when I see them interact, protecting, and loving play with each other.

Siblings hold a place in their hearts that could not be filled by anyone else, there are some fights, maybe because they are too much alike, the journey through life may take them apart but it will not matter as neither distance or time will break what is between them, the childhood with love and togetherness.

The best friend you could give to your child is a sibling. <3

Do you want to register this love in your family? Contact me and I will capture them for you

Aliana Bruce, Family Photographer in Guildford, Surrey

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