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Newborn Twins in a beautiful family full of love.

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When this mum from London contacted me wanting to book a session for her Newborn twins I was very excited. Twins is double love, double cuteness, double poses, but also sometimes double trouble, but more for the parents than for me <3 but I was surprised when she said that she also wants to include her other 4 (yes, four) children in the photoshoot, I normally always include siblings and the parents in the session as I think its important for the baby when he or she is older to see in images the love that was surrounding him\her after the birth, but I wasn't sure if this mum type the correct number, the maximum amount of children I photographed in my newborn sessions was 3, including the newborn, so 6 for me was a huge challenge. I then contacted another newborn photographer to assist me at the session as I never photograph twins without an assistant and twins with 4 other siblings I would need another fully trained photographer that understands about posing a newborn and caring for them. Coincidentally a few weeks before, I got a message from a brazilian newborn photographer that just arrived in the UK, Aline Zanella who is a lovely person and a great photographer, and it was a great pleasure to work with her in this session, together we captured how much love this big family is surrounded by.

For our surprise the children where AMAZING and so cooperative and well bahaved, it didnt feel at all that we have 6 children under the age 0f 6 in the house. Here are a few images of this unforgettable session <3 I hope meet this gorgeous family many and many more times


Aline and I. Hopefully the first of many sessions together.


Aliana Bruce

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