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Its finally Spring!!!

The weather looks fantastic for a walk outdoors and for a beautiful family photo session.

This gorgeous family was a super delight to be with; we had a nice walk in the park while the girls could play with the dandelions and parents enjoyed the beautiful view that you can only find in Guildford, and all these after what seemed like the longest winter I can remember in the UK, well i have been living here just for 9 years, so what do I know? :P

Memories always were and are something very important to me. At my parents house they have this special drawer with all the photo albums from our family, these albums are as old as my older brother, he is going to be 41 this year, My parents keep these albums as precious gifts, I remember having conversations with friends and teachers in school when I was a teenager and we talked about what personal belongs you would save in a fire, and my answer was always the drawer with these albums and photos. This is where I can connect with my past, see my parents when they first had a child, and see their (and my) family growing, their young beautiful faces of joy with me and my siblings in their arms, look at them now and see how much they have changed, how much effort and love they put into our family. Im so grateful to have them in my life and I'm so pleased they keep this drawer where I can always come back when I want to feel safe and tiny again.

I think that is one reason I chose to do what I do, I just value SO much these memories, and when I photograph your FAMILY I really want to show you the value that family moment has, the connection between you and your little people that in a few years will leave home to have their own life but I'm sure they too will remember the drawer with those photos and remember the beautiful moments, and hopefully they will always come back to browse and remember these moments with you.

The last time I went to visit my patents in Brasil I went to the drawer, but this time with my little girls, showing them how their mummy has grown in the last 30 something years and also how much I miss be that tiny person where I could be held in my superhero's arms.

I hope I can do this with your family, I hope in 10-15-25 years from now, you can look into your drawer and remember the day we met in the park and we have such a nice time photographing and freezing this moment where you could carry your children in your arms and the love and joy you feel when kissing their little chubby cheeks.

Please contact me if you want me to capture this beautiful moment in your life.

Love, Aliana xx

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