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Mini Sessions are back for a limited time.

I dont really know where to start with this post as there is so much I want to write and its taken me a while to build up the courage so I apologize in advance if its not well thought through but I guess the beginning is a good place. I recently found a lump in my breast which I got checked the first week of January 2018 and it turned out to be cancerous. The beginning of this year has therefore been very difficult but after surgery about a month ago and some time for recovery the doctors think I am cancer free, I feel fit and healthy but now awaiting more tests and treatment to prevent the cancer returning. This makes me a bit anxious, but hey life brings lots of anxiety

I know I am biased talking about pictures but it made me realise that even I don't have enough images of me and my family as I am the one normally taking the pictures, but not only that I would sometimes self-criticise and wouldn't want pictures taken as I felt a bit fat or ugly that day, but that shouldnt matter. We should be celebrating our lives, our families, our love and if the worst was to happen I would still want my family, and my girls especially, to have lots of pictures to remember me by, and all these amazing memories we have. So please, don't be shy in front of camera, take pictures, have fun, make memories, you are beautiful.

In connection with this, my mini-sessions have always proved really popular and the feedback has been that is a great way to get some professional images at a more affordable price. So I'm pleased to offer these again for a short period of time as I want as many families as possible to have the gift of professional images. This will also help me fund some tests that the wonderful NHS have recommended but dont provide and keep me busy while waiting for the next stage of my treatment.

Some of you reading this may have already been affected by cancer or know someone that has, others may not, but the startling statistics show more people will be affected than won't, and 9/10 times this is caused by environmental influences such as diet, stress, smoking. Aside from checking yourself, please do one thing to improve your lifestyle now, it really may have an impact and I'd be happy to discuss what I am doing.

Please, this is not a request for sympathy, I know some of you may have questions and thats fine, I am feeling good and positive about the future.

Please feel free, in fact I encourage you to share this post, its going to help me to keep my sanity if i have more work to do and not think about the next few weeks, its also going to help me raise funds for the test and especially I hope it will raise awareness and encourage you and whoever reads this to check yourself regularly and make those small changes now. It can make a difference!

Lots of Love, Aliana xx

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