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Newborn session with 4 weeks and a half old baby and a 3 years old little sister

Little girl and baby brother

This little gorgeous boy came to my studio when he was almost 5 weeks old. When his family got in the studio I fell in love with him and his big sister, he was super cute and has lots of hair, she was an absolute delight, gorgeous girl, super well behaved and what all newborn photographers always dream of, she is super in love with her little brother; she really likes to be around him, many of the toddlers that just had a baby arriving in their house get a bit jealous to lose mum and dads full attention, and they really struggle with having another person getting the parents attention, so I was really delighted to see how much she cares and loves her baby brother and she was so cooperative in the session, like I said its not what normally happens. In fact, normal is to not get many photos and sometimes none of the toddler and the baby, but with these little two, I probably did half of their gallery with big sister and baby brother. I know I always ask the parents to bring their baby when they are under two weeks of age, those first days are easier to pose them in the sleepy positions, but we can also do a great job with older babies, we might not have as many sleepy poses but we will have lots of headshots with the cute little eyes looking at the camera I hope you enjoy seeing these images, let me know if you can feel the love in these images, are they the cutest siblings ever? And what a gorgeous good looking family

Lots of Love, Aliana


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