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The Proud Bump! Why Pregnant Women Should Be Proud Of Their Bodies

Many of the mums that come to bring their little newborns for me to photograph didn't have their pregnancy recorded in a photoshoot; they are so proud of their little ones but they were embarrassed to show their gorgeous, yes gorgeous (and I will explain why) bumps and pregnancy bodies around. I understand that when we are pregnant we don't feel the sexiest, or the prettiest or even a woman sometimes, being pregnant for me was very uncomfortable, I had pelvic pain, I couldn't turn in bed, felt sick, and what do the hormones do with our mood!? I remember being so horrible to my husband one minute and a second later miss him so much, my clothes didn't fit, I could cry watching adverts of babies and animals, I can understand that for some people being photographed is the last thing they want when they are feeling this way.....

Well, but why not?

You wouldn’t hesitate to have photographs of your wedding day even though to get to this day had very stressful moments. You wouldn’t hesitate to have photographs of your new baby. Why? Because those are the tiny, unique moments you want to hold onto.

Is pregnancy not also one of the very biggest of the biggies? Of course it is!!!!

A professional pregnancy photographer will ensure your images are beautiful and flattering.

Us pregnancy/maternity photographers will look after you, and ensure your images are beautiful, flattering, a little daring, a little sexy - and about as far removed as you can get of that shot your partner took of you one evening in your dressing gown, exhausted laying down on the sofa with your cup of tea.

Looking at the images of pregnant you - strong, beautiful, sculptured and amazingly feminine (and, yes, glamorous too) will change your perception of yourself. :)

Having a baby is an amazing thing, and pregnancy photography helps you see past the rounder, wider, softer body you avoid in the mirror, and see the intensely brilliant, gorgeous woman you are. You are generating a life inside you, I don't think there is anything more amazing than this! You can look at that image in a few years and remember the movement of your baby inside you, remember how amazing it was finding out that you were expecting, remember all those unique feelings, even the uncomfortable ones, but all that was worth it, because you were generating a life inside you!

(Blog inspired by Laura Hitchcock_ Parentdish UK)

This is me pregnant of my first daughter before I was a photographer; but as a Brazilian I was VERY proud of being pregnant and then in my second pregnancy with my daughter celebrating the moment of being pregnant again, always a proud mum to be!

Some of the gorgeous bumps I photographed, Im a very proud photographer to have met these beautiful mamas <3

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