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Thermomix TM6

The most amazing Kitchen Assistant, it really is like having an extra pair of hands in the kitchen.

Widely used in Western Europe and Australia, the Thermomix (or Bimby) TM6 is making waves here in the UK, if you haven't come across one in a friend's kitchen I'm sure it wont be long. Not just for domestic use, commercial kitchens including restaurants, care homes in fact anywhere food is prepared and served will find the Thermomix of use.

What makes it so special?

Simply, there is nothing else like it that has the range of features it has, it has to be seen to be believed. It can replace 20 other kitchen appliances and more and do it better.

Whether you are a professional chef looking for precise temperature control or powerful blending, mixing or chopping, a family with hungry mouths to feed, career focussed and short of time, health-conscious, special diet, the list of people this can help is really too long for me to write.

Cookidoo is my favourite feature. I admit I'm not a great cook, let me rephrase that, I wasn't a good cook, now I cheat! Cookidoo is a guided cooking function with a step by step instruction for 50,000 recipes created by chefs and it ensures everything is cooked perfectly and tastes great. 

The slogan of Save time, save money and save space really is true. 

The Thermomix is only available through an Advisor, so please contact me to arrange a demo so you can see how it will change your life. No hard sell, it doesn't need it, just a tour of its features and a quick meal from a passionate Thermie lover.

Independent Thermomix Advisor #203135

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