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The time has finally come!

Your TM6 has arrived and here you will find the first steps and recipe ideas to kick start your "Thermie" journey...


First, you'll need to register on Cookidoo website and add your device (TM6) using the serial number of your device. You can then download the Cookidoo app.

Cookidoo is the official Thermomix recipe platform and has more than 50.000 recipes from all around the world.





Not sure where to place your new Thermomix®. We have some handy tips to help finding the perfect home for your new Thermomix TM6 Avoid placing it on the kitchen stove or close to fragile items. Avoid placing it on top of kitchen cloths. Place the Thermomix TM6 base unit on a firm surface within Wi-Fi range. Make sure it is close to a safe power socket. Choose a location which allows steam to escape from your Thermomix TM6. Now you are ready to enjoy cooking with your new Thermomix TM6



















Setting up your TM6 is simple – Watch our simple 4-step guide to set up the integrated Cookidoo® recipe platform on your Thermomix® TM6.

Step 1: Switch on the Thermomix TM6

Step 2: Choose your language and country settings

Step 3: Connect to your Wi-Fi

Step 4: Log into your Cookidoo Account Your Cookidoo account is now synchronised with your Cookidoo profile, you can get inspired by more than 50,000 guided cooking Thermomix recipes directly on the screen of your Thermomix TM6.

Not set up a Cookidoo profile yet? Visit to register and receive 6 months FREE access with your Thermomix TM6 purchase. Plus receive 1 month FREE access just for registering!




Remember to wash everything with soapy water before first use. Apart from the main body, all other parts of the Thermomix are dishwasher friendly

















STEP 1 - Search the delicious recipes on Cookidoo® and select the one you like.

STEP 2 - Follow step-by-step instructions on Thermomix ® TM6 screen


I would suggest you stick to the Cookidoo platform whilst you get comfortable with the new machine and all the different functions, the only danger may be the time you waste scrolling through all the amazing options! You can filter by touching the magnifying glass in the top right corner. Here you can search by country, preparation, category etc.

















The home screen will display 3 dials: the time, temperature and speed dial screen. The recipes will all be set out with time/temp/blade speed e.g 4 secs/50 degrees/speed 6


To access the Cookidoo you swipe left on the touch screen – those of you who have had a TM5 previously, all your recipes and favourites will still be there but sadly not your recently cooked as they are specific to the machine.

Swipe right for key function shortcuts. 










Some of the terminologies that you will see are:

TM or Mixing bowl – that’s the main Thermomix jug/bowl. Its capacity is 2.2 litres.

MC – Measuring Cup which is the little cup that fits in the lid. It weighs 40g and will hold 100mls.

Mixing bowl lid - The Thermomix won’t start if it isn’t in place.

The blade is sometimes called the mixing knife

Varoma – the large steaming basket. Comprised of tray, dish and lid. Used for multi-level cooking and steaming on Varoma setting. The concept is cooking in (steam) vapour and aroma

Simmering basket – smaller basket used inside the bowl for steaming/simmering

Spatula – used to scrape down the sides when you’re cooking, to cut dough, to assist through the hole in the lid. The ridge means that it won’t touch the blades

The splash guard - protects against splashing of hot contents when cooking at higher temperatures.













  1. Hold the silver selector button down for a while to turn the machine on or off or it does put itself to sleep after 15 minutes of inactivity.

  2. From the home screen swipe left to see all the functions including the scales and pre-clean (be sure to cover the blades with water and add a dash of dishwashing liquid before) DO NOT ADD NOTHING SOLID ON THE PRE CLEAN FUNCTION, foe example like a piece of lemon.

  3. To take the bowl apart to put it in the dishwasher see this video

  4. For some recipes you are required to pour the liquid onto the lid – this seems bizarre but there are gaps between the measuring cup and lid so the liquid will slowly trickle into the bowl as required and not all over your floor!

  5. In order to whip egg whites make sure to rinse the bowl first with vinegar then with water and dry well.

  6. The simmering basket is inserted in the bowl and can be used to steam grains and rice with any liquid underneath.

  7. In order to filter for recipe searches on the machine, click the magnifying glass in the top right corner and then click on filters also on the right. Then scroll down and you can filter by country, time, language or dishes.

  8. If you’re in the middle of the guided cooking and want to see more details about the recipe there are three dots next to the Next button. After clicking on this, three options will pop up – recipe details, scales or cancel recipe. By choosing recipe details you will be able to view the whole recipe again. To get back to the stage you were at in the guided cooking, click continue.



I hope some of these little tips will be useful as you start on your Thermomix® journey.

Follow @alianasmagicpan on Instagram for further inspiration!

Any questions don’t hesitate to email/text/call me.

I hope you will love your Thermomix® as much as I do!


Aliana Bruce 

Independent Thermomix Team Leader

07702 151 147

Advisor ID:   203135

Let me know if you have any friends interested in buying their own Thermomix or if you would like to hold a demo and you will recive a little thank you gift for it.

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